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New Podcast Episode, In Which We Interview Elizabeth Wein!

Hi, everybody!

My sister mary_j_59 nd I talked to the awesome Elizabeth Wein for our library podcast! We talked mostly about her latest book, Code Name Verity, but also about her other books, her writing process, her life and ideas.

Alas! We did not get to historical knitting, but we did discuss her literary influences (Alan Garner, Ursula Leguin, Dorothy Sayers, etc.), why she wanted to be a writer, and when she decided on this career (She was 7 and  loved Ellen Tebbits, by Beverly Cleary). She also told us about her research for the novel, including the real-life people who inspired Code Name Verity. And she avers that flying vintage planes is actually scarier than ringing colossal church bells. Apparently, she is given to dangerous sports! She concludes by telling us about two amazing young bloggers, Malala Yusafzai and Martha Payne, who have made a real difference in the world in their different ways. Finally, she encourages young people who wish to be creative to follow the example of these girls by using online resources for writing and self expression. She believes that art and writing can definitely make a positive difference in the world, and that young people can get out there and do it. But young artists should also be aware that their work will grow and change, just as they will.

Elizabeth Wein generously provided many of the pictures used in this podcast, including;

1. Two self portraits with vintage airplane
2. Three vintage photos of ATA women, licensed to her by the Imperial War Museum for use in this podcast.
3. Three drawings done when she was 12 years old to illustrate a WWII epic she was creating at that time.

We hope you enjoy the podcast!