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Concept art for the Queen's Thief books

Hi, everybody!

I'm sure you will remember that some time ago, the awesome Vince Natale, creator of the cover art for our favorite books, sent me the sketches and preliminary paintings for the Conspiracy of Kings cover art, which I shared with you. Well, Vince tells me that he really enjoyed the discussion about that post, and he has now sent me preliminary art work for the other three books! Which I will now share with you, after the cut (which I hope works this time -- fingers crossed!) The explanations of the drawings and paintings are all Vince's own, and I hope you enjoy them!

Happy Holidays, everyone!

Vince says,
The work:

There really weren't any rough concept sketches on these first three books, as there were for "Conspiracy of Kings", as the publisher already had a good idea of what was wanted on the covers. There are, however, some parts of the images that needed to be worked out, and there are alternate sketches for these bits that I've included here.

Here are sketches and art from the other two Attolia books.
The Thief
"The Thief of Attolia" : This one came about pretty painlessly. ;-)
1. Working out the look of the stone amulet.

2. Tight sketch with hands and stone, and written descriptions.

3. Final painting.

The Queen of Attolia

1. The first sketch according to what was initially described to me.

2. Alternate hook set-up with engravings and a slightly different hook shape. I was going with something more traditional in the shape of the hook rather than fanciful.

3. Experimenting with different styles...

4.  A new pose was requested and along with that I made a new style hook - a little more aggressive looking, and a different engraving pattern.

5.  It was decided to go with a hook style similar to one of the rough sketches, and I then incorporated with hand positioning.

6. Alternate hand positioning and hook body style. We ended up going with yet a different positioning.

7. tight sketch with final positioning.

8. Rings requested on her hands, and then on to final art.

9. Final art

The King of Attolia

1. Initial sketch.

2. Changes required... scar on his cheek, rough up his hand(scrapes/cuts), wedding band on queens hand, change pattern on his cuff.

3. Just before starting on final art, more changes. Primarily the sword hilt. Also, change style of shirt sleeve cuff, and add jewel to wedding band -not shown here.

4. Final painting. Ooops, forgot scrapes/scars on his hand...More changes requested anyway....

Darken background and sleeve in foreground.


That's everything Vince sent me! Is he not awesome?
BTW you can see more of his art (though not the Queen's Thief drawings/paintings) at his website, www.vincenatale.com