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Of Emeralds, Books, and Über-Geekdom

Well, anybody who knows me even slightly probably believes me to be a book geek. But if you would like proof....

I am now officially at the stage where books remind me of other books, not just of real life!

For all you Sounisians who love Lord Peter Wimsey, have you checked out Jill Paton Walsh's latest, The Attenbury Emeralds? I'm in the middle of it right now, and enjoying it very much. An added plus: passages and informative tidbits that bring other books to mind! Consider this bit: Freddy Arbuthnot is talking about jewels, explaining why emeralds are so much more expensive than diamonds.

"There's lots of fun in diamonds," he was saying. "And they do come in various tints and colours. But the fashion is for clear-water stones, so the more valuable they are, the less distinctive. Whereas .... There's no such thing as a flawless emerald. Emeralds have flaws and inclusions. Little crystals of pyrite, calcite, and acualité. Drifting veils within the stone &emdash; the French call this jardin. Lots of personality. Someone who has looked closely at an emerald could tell it again even if it has been re-mounted, or carved or re-cut.

And Freddy also explains that a carving or inscription, if well done, adds to the value of an emerald, too, because emeralds are extremely difficult to carve, especially if they have inclusions.

So...Eugenides, Thief of Eddis, knew exactly what he was doing (but when doesn't he?) when he took an emerald seal ring, with a flaw like a breaking wave, from the trap in Hephestia's underwater temple....

Which gives rise to another question, of course. What about the seal ring Eugenides is wearing in KOA? Is it the same one, perchance? I like to think so!

I'll end with a pretty picture -- here's a seal ring I can't quite picture Eugenides wearing -- but isn't it great?


Great post! But it is clear that you know a lot more about the "Queen's Thief" series than I do. ;)

In the mystery, have you gotten to the fire yet?